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Measuring blood eosinophils can be an important indicator of how to treat severe asthma patients

Severe asthma patients with high levels of eosinophils in the blood typically benefit from biological treatments. In some countries patients must meet certain criteria to be prescribed biological treatments, and high blood eosinophils can be one of those criteria.

By measuring blood eosinophils at the point of care, these patients can be identified quicker, and a more accurate treatment can be prescribed directly.

The HemoCue® WBC DIFF System provides a total white blood cell count with a five part differential, including eosinophils, directly at the point of care.

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    Five minutes and a single drop of blood help you gain a more complete clinical picture

    HemoCue WBC DIFF System provides you with a patient’s total white blood cell count with a five-part differential, including eosinophils.
    Using WBC DIFF at the point-of-care to measure eosinophils:

    • Helps ensure accurate, individualized treatment – prescribe the right amount of medicine for the right patient, preventing exacerbation due to inappropriate treatments or incorrect dosages.
    • Saves time – by testing at the point of care, you can improve patient flow and patients do not have to wait for results to come back from a lab.
    • Aids in identifying severe asthmatic patients in need of higher level of treatment (biologics).
    • White blood cell count with a 5-part differential in just 5 minutes
    • Easy to use by non-laboratory personnel after a brief training
    • Capillary or venous samples

    HemoCue has been a leader in Hb point-of-care medical diagnostics for over 40 years. We specialize in giving healthcare providers lab-quality results comparable to that of a clinical lab.

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