Every Second Counts

Mobile Hb Measurement

in Road Ambulance

In the moments following an injury, fast action
and access to information is vital to ensure

the best outcomes

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    Saving Time When it Matters the Most

    When an injury occurs and a life is at stake, every second counts. In many cases, the likelihood of sur­vival depends on receiving prompt medical treatment in the first hour after a traumatic injury. The injured person needs to be transported to a healthcare facility as quickly as possible, and the medical staff waiting to receive them need as much information as possible so they can quickly adminis­ter the correct treatment.

    Immediate action is especially important when a person is visibly bleeding or with suspected internal bleeding. In these cases, a hemoglobin (Hb) mea­surement can be instrumental for clinical decision making. And in cases where it is not known whether or not acute care is needed, an Hb measurement can be an important assessment tool. That is where HemoCue can help.

    With the HemoCue® Hb 801 System, ambulance workers have a tool to precisely and quickly mea­sure Hb at the scene of an accident or even while in transit. This gives medical staff at an urgent care fa­cility an indication of what treatments to begin upon arrival and gives a baseline to gauge the effectiveness of their treatments.

    Fast and reliable results on the move

    • Lab-accurate results in <1 second
    • 10 uL capillary or venous whole blood
    • Testing during patient transport

    Intuitive design and operation

    • Easy to operate and requires low maintenance
    • Robust design for challenging conditions

    Your global trusted partner

    • The innovators of Hb testing
    • Global On-Time Delivery (OTD)
    • Comprehensive support

    Vital Hb Measurements at Your Fingertips

    The HemoCue® Hb 801 System provides ambulance and emergency vehicle personnel with lab-accurate hemoglobin results in less than one second.

    Minimum Volume – Maximum Trust

    Small sample volume of just 10 μL provides the trust of lab-accuracy in a single drop of blood. The microcuvette serves as pipette, test tube and measuring vessel – all in one.