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Explore our complete solution for blood management and pre-donation screening at booth #E37. As the innovators of Hb point-of-care testing, we’re excited to showcase our portfolio of products and answer any questions you may have.


The 38th International Congress of ISBT will be held at the Barcelona International Convention Center (CCIB) from June 23-27, 2023. The event covers a wide range of topics in Transfusion Medicine, including blood donation, management and organization, blood products and components, clinical transfusions, and quality management. The scientific program will also include workshops and special sessions.

We will be exhibiting from June 24-27 and look forward to seeing you in our booth #E37!

For further information on the congress please go to the ISBT Website.

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    What Challenges do Blood Banks Face?

    Blood transfusions are an essential part of modern healthcare, and pre-donation hemoglobin testing is performed to protect both donor and recipient health. But what methods are used to ensure the safety of blood donations? Historically, the copper sulfate gravity method has been the standard, but it has its disadvantages. In 1995, WHO introduced a hemoglobin color scale as an alternative, yet other studies have indicated that this method has lower performance than expected.

    In 2014, a study including 3,000 blood donors was conducted to investigate the performance of cuvette technology for blood donations, aiming to ensure the supply of safe blood while avoiding false deferrals and maintaining donor health. The results indicated that the HemoCue System was reliable, accurate, and gave reproducible results, making it a great choice for blood donation screening.

    It’s imperative that we all play our part in the vital endeavor to maintain our donor pool and recruit new donors when necessary, while providing safe and effective transfusions.

    Download our white paper to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of different blood donation screening methods.

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    Explore our Hb product portfolio

    From blood collection to blood transfusion – meeting the need while protecting the source. 

    A challenge for blood donation facilities is often meeting the need for blood while protecting the donor. By using blood analysis methods that are accurate and precise, both goals can be met and guarantee the safety of the recipient. For efficient blood management, methods that provide fast answers are a necessity – when response time is critical, treatment decisions can’t wait for delayed hemoglobin results.

    HemoCue provides total hemoglobin solutions, from blood collection to blood transfusion. Our hemoglobin systems are the trusted technologies for precision and lab accuracy around the world.

    Read more about the HemoCue products covering blood banks here.