We are celebrating HemoCue’s first 40 years and
looking forward to the next 40!

Countdown to October 26

HemoCue’s 40th Anniversary

Our Founders Were Driven by a Dream

HemoCue’s founders, Jan Lilja and Sven-Erik Nilsson, were driven by a dream. They wanted to develop a method to measure hemoglobin in blood that was easy-to-use, fast and accurate, and did not require sending samples out to a laboratory.

After 4 Decades, Their Legacy is Alive and Well.

40 years after the first sale of our products, their legacy lives on in our perpetual quest for innovation and unswerving devotion to accuracy. It is seen in our deep dedication to caring for patients, our employees and the environment, and in our deep-rooted belief in collaborations and partnerships.

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40 Years of…


Our history is filled with inventions, numerous patents, new ways of working, improved processes and a drive to make the impossible possible.


Since day one, we’ve had a passion for precision, and we are still dedicated to creating point-of-care devices with lab accuracy. 


Our success is built on strong collaborations. We have more than 150 channel partners and are proud to partner with several NGOs and aid organizations.  


Improving patient care is a cornerstone of HemoCue’s business, but so is caring for employee wellbeing, D&I, our partners and the environment. 

… and We Are Just Getting Started!